Use An External Download Manager With Google Chrome

Although Google Chrome is a very nice web browser which offers speed, a number of extensions, password and preference synchronizing, and a lot more. However, One of the things that it hasn’t offered, is a good download manager.

But recently Google released an extension to Chrome, called Download Assistant.  With Download Assistant, Chrome users can now use their regular download manager with Chrome.  Here’s how.


Install the Extension

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Download Assistant page at the Google Webstore, where you can download and install the extension.

Once there, click the Install button.  You’ll be asked to confirm the installation, Go ahead and click this Install button as well.

Configuring Download Assistant

Once installed, type the following into the URL bar:


This will take you to the Chrome Extensions page, where you can see a full list of all the extensions you currently have installed.  Scroll down to Download Assistant and click the Options link.

The options page allows you to set your default downloader.

Chrome will generally be able to tell if you have one of its supported external download managers (see the page on the Google Webstore for a full list), but if you have one installed – such as SteadyFlow for Linux – you can use the Add More Downloaders section to make Chrome aware of it